NC teachers want better salaries; prepare for May 16 rally


Recent marches in West Virginia, Oklahoma, Arizona and now North Carolina, all right-to-work states, confirm my worry.

Critics, including some Republican lawmakers, have accused teachers of engaging in something close to a one-day strike, which is illegal under state law.

The national average teacher pay this year is $60,483, according to National Education Association.

Tim Moore, a Republican who is the state's Speaker of the House, says North Carolina is already showing progress. Teachers will advocate for better pay and working conditions.

"We had to air on the side of caution in the event we had mass call outs", Jefferies said. "I'm hopeful that our presence will send the message to our legislators that we're fed up with the status quo". While teacher pay is rising in the state, stats published last week by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics show that North Carolina is [one of the three worst states for teacher pay] (, not far ahead of Oklahoma. She has been teaching at CMS for almost four decades.

Dennis: So I just wanted to know about teacher assistants, that's something that I've never experienced.

In other parts of the state, like Wake County, teachers make above the state average.

Lee Irvin of Cary said he's sympathetic to the teachers' demands, if not their method, which is forcing the software engineer and his wife to work from home on Wednesday.

Currituck County Schools Superintendent Mark Stefanik confimed that Currituck has more than 30 teachers planning to attend the teachers' rally.

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"I support their cause". They've raised the lower end of the scale, but they've kept us at that same salary. But not during school hours.

Some teachers in Caldwell County are heading to Raleigh on Wednesday to march for better funding for public education, but not enough are going to force local officials to cancel school for the day.

Dennis: Do you think that contributes to the teacher shortage in North Carolina?

"North Carolina should treat educators like the professionals they are", Cooper told reporters last week.

Build rank-and-file committees! Prepare a nationwide strike to defend public education!

Michael Hansen, a political economist at the Brookings Institution, also gets points for prescience.

"We acknowledge the district's closing may create a hardship for some", Wooten said. "The people who are writing Letters of Recommendation", he said. The "purple" state briefly swung blue for Barack Obama in 2008, but soon after, Republicans swept the state legislature and later solidified their supermajority. Sales taxes that reach more people now make up a bigger share of the state budget. At the same time, the giant banks and corporations are sitting on a $2.2 trillion cash hoard-nearly four times what the federal and all state governments spend on public education each year. "This is my 37th year", said Erlene Lyde. They're planning to go to the May 16 protest in Raleigh together, along with at least 400 other teachers in the county and numerous parents and community supporters.

Central Park School for Children in Durham made a decision to close our two public charter campuses May 16 so we can stand with North Carolina public schools and public school educators in Raleigh.