More powers to WhatsApp group admins


In group chat settings, there's now a control that permits administrators to confine who can change the group's subject, symbol, and description.

Group video calling is also heading to the app, expanding the previous calls feature that only allowed video chats between two people. This would prevent abuse by members of large groups, especially mischievous members who could potentially mess such details of the group. This will certainly be welcomed by users, as now Administrators have no control of these aspects in group, wherein any member can change group names and display pictures. WhatsApp has not said if or when they will arrive on Windows Phone.

The world's most popular chat platform WhatsApp is giving groups a makeover with a list of new features for group conversations. This will be displayed under group info, and allows admins to set the intended goal, guidelines, or topics that would be discussed within the particular group. The features will be available on both Android and iOS versions starting today. For example, "Users can now leave a group permanently to avoid being repeatedly added back after they have left", it notes.

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WhatsApp has made improvements while rolling out administrative controls and other featured for Group chats.

WhatsApp has added new features for Groups including more controls for admin, catch up with messages features as well. The button will appear in the chat at the bottom right corner. Even better, you can search for specific users in a group chat, if you're anxious you missed out on important conversation from a particular user. Other Admins can now be removed by the Group Creators, and the creators can no longer be removed from the group.

The app needs to be updated to the latest version to be able to use the new Incognito Mode function.