Johnny Manziel hospitalized after reaction to prescription drug


Johnny Manziel's #ComebackSZN hit a small speed bump this week.

The police report details how Crowley, who had dated Manziel for two years but had already ended things the night of the assault, told police she thought she was going to die and at one point grabbed a knife in self-defense.

Johnny Manziel apparently suffered a medical scare recently, as the former Texas A&M and Cleveland Browns quarterback was reportedly admitted to a Texas hospital.

Manziel's representative, Denise Michaels, told TMZ Sports: "It seems like he had a reaction to an adjustment in his prescription".

"He's fine and headed home", Michaels said.

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Manziel was in Humble, Texas, for JMBLYA, a music festival, and also attended a golf tournament hosted by former Texas A&M teammate Mike Evans.

"I am taking medication for bipolar, and I am working to try to make sure I don't fall back into any type of depression", the Heisman Trophy victor said during his interview on GMA.

We'll update you on Manziel as more details come in. He played two seasons for the Cleveland Browns before off-the-field issues led to the former Aggies standout not playing the past two seasons.

Johnny Manziel has worked very hard to get things in order in his life and he's now focusing on getting his professional football career back on track. While his ultimate goal is to get back to the National Football League, there are other options out there and the CFL is waiting for him.