Ivanka Trump Photo With Son Sparks Backlash


This kind of nonsense and talking around the subject is par for the course for people like Santorum, but when it comes to forcibly separating over a thousand children from their parents, and physically losing them-this kind of rhetoric should simply not be tolerated.

The president implied that children were being separated from their parents at the border because of a law enacted by Democrats.

On Tuesday, Trump tweeted, "Democrats mistakenly tweet 2014 pictures from Obama's term showing children from the border in steel cages".

"This still stems back to Obama's policies", he said. Chris Murphy (D., Conn.), responding to a news report about the administration blaming the Democrats.

Two separate controversies concerning migrant families had dominated the news cycle for days and many reacted strongly to Ivanka's photo.

President Donald trump boards Air Force One at Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland on May 29. Mr. Trump ended an Obama-era program that protected the Dreamers but it remains in effect due to federal court rulings. More children are expected to be separated from their parents as a result.

Advocates note that many families attempting to enter the USA are seeking asylum from gangs and criminal activities in their home countries, and as such are not breaking the law.

White House senior policy adviser Stephen Miller said the administration would prefer to detain parents and children together, but the lack of detention space, along with the specifications of the Flores agreement, are preventing that.

They aren't the only ones who found the photo distasteful.

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Add in the president's flagrant and unflagging rhetorical bigotry toward Hispanic immigrants, continually eliding the distinction between gang members ("animals") and all of those who come to this country from Latin America, and increasing incidents of verbal and physical abuse directed toward immigrants on the part of private citizens, and we're left with a picture of the United States as a country in which immigrants are unwelcome and face an array of obstacles that threaten to make their lives in this country miserable.

Immigration advocates have said that separation of children from parents has been happening for months.

Under a 1985 resolution - amended in 2015 - called the Flores Settlement Agreement, the federal government is required not to detain children if at all possible and instead release them "without unnecessary delay" into the care of a parent, legal guardian or other qualified adult. "There are no "loopholes" nor statutory requirements that children be ripped from their parents' arms as a matter of routine practice".

American singer Halsey called out Ivanka over her recently (May 27) posted photo with two year-old son Theodore, amidst the reports that the United States government could not account for almost 1,500 immigrant children in 2018.

This has been a persistent allegation, but the fact is these 1,475 children arrived at the southwest border on their own and were, in United States government parlance, "unaccompanied alien children" (UACs). They reached 86 percent of the children or sponsors, determining 6,075 remained with their sponsors, 28 had run away, five had been removed from the USA and 52 relocated to live with someone else.

Mr. Wagner said in his congressional testimony and again on Tuesday that the Trump administration tries to follow up on the whereabouts of the children after they have been placed with sponsors, though the government wasn't responsible for them at that point.

'No prior administration has done this, ' he said.

"There's no reason to believe that anything has happened to the kids", he said Tuesday.