It looks like Microsoft is making an Xbox controller for accessibility


While there are accessibility-focused controllers on PC, and companies like Special Effect customise console controllers for disability accessibility, on console you rarely see official controllers, mass produced, to help more people play games.

As of yet, there is no word on how this new controller actually works, but the leaked images provide some idea.

The rumored new Xbox One controller has been posted on Twitter by popular Microsoft leaker Walking Cat.

Official information regarding the new Xbox controller will hopefully arrive in the weeks ahead, though it's worth noting that Microsoft's plans may change or that the controller is just an excellent fraud.

It's hard to determine exactly how the controller will be able to accommodate various types of handicapped players, but according to speculation, those A and B pads are purportedly programmable.

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Would this controller transform the gaming experiences of someone you know?

Gaming is a great pastime, but there's no getting around the fact that most games require precise motor control which can present many difficulties for those not typically abled.

The controller's face features three LED lights, a mode selector, a dpad, and the Xbox navigational buttons (Xbox Button, Options, View).

Following the tweet, WindowsCentral reported that the new controller is likely to be revealed "sometime between now and E3 2018", set for June 12-14. A USB port and a headphone jack are also built into the controller for much easier access.