HTC working on blockchain-powered Android smartphone


The new phone will apparently be called Exodus.

HTC announced their upcoming phone titled "Exodus" is being built by and for users of cryptocurrency and blockchain tech. Blockchain is supposed to be safer than current centralized record keeping, and many are touting it as the wave of the future. HTC's Phil Chen, who created the HTC Vive headset and is now spearheading the company's blockchain efforts, has confirmed that, through Exodus, HTC will support Bitcoin, Lightning Networks, Ethereum, Dfinity, and more. This isn't some small smartphone that HTC is making to be exclusive to a single carrier. Additionally, trading in most cryptocurrencies will still incur mining fees - even on blockchain devices. There's no word on when the Exodus will be made official, but we should get more details later today. Importantly, the system is also decentralized, so it's not located in any one specific place or owned by one entity.

"Our vision is to expand the blockchain ecosystem by creating the world's first phone dedicated to decentralized applications and security", the Exodus landing page reads.

The Taiwanese firm on Tuesday unveiled the "HTC Exodus", which it describes as the "world's first native blockchain phone".

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HTC has leapt on the crypotcurrency bandwagon after revealing plans for a smartphone powered by blockchain.

Naturally, the mobile device can also be bought with digital currencies.

Blockchain smartphones offer better security and user experience in comparison to other devices. Although adoption by companies such as HTC (and Huawei, it is rumored) could help change that.

There's now no information on when the device will be released, but the HTC Exodus landing page does include a "Reserve" button. Last September, Sirin Labs announced a $1,000 blockchain-powered handset which is slated to launch in October 2018.