How to have hard conversations around mental health comfortably


So if you, or someone you know, feel that talking could help with any worries you have about mental health, these numbers might be useful.

There has been a huge amount of good work done in recent years to raise awareness of mental illness, reduce stigma and challenge mental health related discrimination.

Young people in Basingstoke are drawing a line through the stigma of mental health after launching an art competition.

"Stress is a significant factor in mental health problems including anxiety and depression". "Stress is not a mental health problem in itself - it is an adaptation to the situation we find ourselves in".

Mr Laybourn added: "People fear that opening up about their mental health will affect the way their colleagues or boss will perceive them - some even worry that this will have an impact on their career progression".

Some studies have suggested that job strain is the leading cause of stress in the USA, but could the intensity of a high-pressured work environment lead to common mental health issues such as anxiety and depression?

Speaking about today's recording, Siobhan Kenny, chief executive at Radiocentre, said: "Radio is coming together in the United Kingdom first today to shine a light on the important issue of mental health".

Note: The goal of our program is to make sure people who need help, can get it.

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But there was also a major role for law firms and chambers to help change the profession's culture, with Kayleigh Leonie, Law Society council member for the Junior Lawyers Division, saying that junior lawyers found it hard to speak up in a traditional, hierarchical law firm.

28% admit not knowing how to deal with employees' mental health issues, with 71% interested in more training.

Best Mental Health Initiative (including an SME category and larger companies category) for a company with less than 500 employees/ more than 500 employees implementing a programme that enabled employees and employers to discuss, learn and take action towards addressing mental health in the workplace.

Amy Eagle, operational director for women's and children's division and NNUH mental health lead said: "Treating patients' physical health and mental health together is really important, and the expansion of the service will be of massive benefit to the local community needing this joined up service".

Legal & General has launched its Not A Red Card Awards to celebrate what businesses have developed and implemented regarding best practices around addressing mental health in the workplace.

"We spend so much of our time at work, and although it can be very fast-paced or stressful at times, the environment we spend the majority of our week in should never make us feel uncomfortable, or be the cause of our mental ill-health". It takes just 15-20 minutes to complete and is confidential.

"In addition, by increasing the knowledge of effective care and treatment of diabetes for staff in mental health teams, we can provide patient-centred care".