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It wouldn't be a Google developer conference if its Google Assistant didn't get a mention (or five) with the company announcing a slew of new features for the smart assistant.

Numerous updates have a practical bent, created to ease tasks such as composing emails, making lists, navigating city streets and lessening the digital distractions that have increasingly addled people's lives as a result of previous tech industry innovations.

On its Google Maps app, the company is introducing an augmented reality feature to help guide people to their destination.

Google has unveiled artificial intelligence software that books appointments over the phone on behalf of users by conducting voice-based conversations on their behalf. Take a listen to a sample call, where Google used Duplex to call a restaurant and seamlessly navigate a tricky situation-trying to make a reservation for four people, then determining there was no reservation needed for a party of less than six-in a voice that sounds totally human.

But Google chief executive Sundar Pichai (who features the clip below) reiterated that this was a real call.

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With the square button now gone, if you want to use two apps at once, that is achieved by holding down on the icon on top of an app's card in the recents pane and dragging it to the top or bottom half of the screen to have it occupy that space. Together with Project Treble, Google's plan to make Android "modular" in order to make updates easier to push out, Qualcomm's optimization could result in more Android phones running on the latest Android build. "What happens is that Google Assistant makes the call seamlessly in the background for you". There are also famous voices - including one modeled after singer John Legend.

- A new version of Google Maps will soon give you more personalised recommendations than before. Apple has promised features to reduce phone and device addiction in kids.The moves come after technology workers, alarmed by the harmful consequences of technology, formed a coalition called the Center for Humane Technology to reverse "the digital attention crisis".

Google is working on it: a world of artificial intelligence, machine learning and natural language processing that infuses everything people do from shopping to health care.

The update is expected to officially roll out to the public later this year, but a beta version is now available on certain devices from Google, Essential, Sony, Nokia, and more.

- Google Photos can now colorise black and white photos, convert documents pictures into PDFs and more. Google is expanding Google Lens to work directly within the camera app on supported devices and gave it three new features to benefit users. Of course, the company hopes these conveniences will make users more willing to share all kinds of personal data when they're, say, asking Google to please tell a story. That's a change from past Android updates when betas were restricted to Google's Pixel and Nexus devices. Google says it's still figuring out how to be upfront and let businesses know that they are talking to a computer. So what does Android P offer that's new for users? Samsung has been developing its own similar feature called Bixby Vision.