Fortnite releases new competitive 'Solo Showdown' mode


You can check out all the scoring and full list of rules over on Epic Games' site here. All of which consist of Fortnite's V-Bucks currency, though. The Solo Showdown will feature all the characteristics of any Solo game mode. Everyone who completes 50 matches will receive a one-off spray. 5th through 50th earn 13,500 V-Bucks and 51st through 100th will receive 7,500.

According to the Solo Showdown rules, the first 50 Battle Royale matches you play will be counted toward your score, and you must play at least 50 matches to be eligible for one of the prizes. You can only earn enough V-Bucks to purchase maybe one mid-range item per season, or you can save them over the course of multiple seasons to purchase a high-end item.

For once, there won't be any toxicity to worry about in a game's competitive mode: Fortnite players can't speak to each other while they're in a solo game, and there's no teammates to yell at you if you don't win as a duo or squad.

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For the competitor to get 1st place, 50,000 V-Bucks awaits. All things considered, if Epic Games decides to incorporate all of these as-of-yet confirmed assets into Fortnite, then it would be just another step on the developer's part to evolving the title into a completely different entity than what was initially offered to the public just last summer. So, the prizes are worth playing for.

Epic says it will use Solo Showdown as a learning experience for "how to build great events for all types of players".

Epic also wants to make it easy to mute yourself and other players. While this doesn't necessarily change any of the core gameplay mechanics that fans of the original Solo mode are used to, it does have a pretty major difference, so let's run you through what you need to know about it.