Fortnite gets new burst assault rifles in tomorrow's patch


It has now been confirmed when this mode will end.

While every new weapon has the potential to become a staple of the meta-game, this potential seems especially great with the Burst Assault Rifle, given that the current Burst Rifles are already considered powerful even though they only come in the three lowest rarities. There hasn't been an update on when this downtime will now take place, though Epic has stated that it will be informing players when the developer has a time nailed down.

Usually if you're on the game you'll be kicked off 20 minutes beforehand to make way for the new patch, so expect that to happen.

The news of the new Burst Assault Rifle hasn't been publicized through Fortnite's various social media accounts, but those who have been playing Fortnite recently spotted the new weapon included in the "New Updates" section when you log in.

And there are new features, some of you might like, some may not.

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It's also been said there will be bug fixes to improve overall quality of the game, including changes to Turbo Building and general improvements to Twitch Prime flow for those attempting to redeem the Prime Pack.

Today Fortnite servers were scheduled to go down and following that, Fortnite Patch 4.2 was to roll out.

The Fortnite 4.2 update has been delayed, with Epic Games pushing back the Fortnite downtime as a result of unforeseen issues with the planned patch.

Taking to Twitter earlier today the game's official account tweeted: "We've discovered an issue that's going to delay the release of v4.2".