Former Malaysian PM Najib questioned by anti-graft agency


The task force is asked to identify and seize assets that were acquired from the illegal siphoning from the state fund.

A new attorney general in 2016 cleared Najib of wrongdoing, saying a particular transfer of $681 million was a political donation from the Saudi royal family and that most of it was returned.

Malaysia's anti-corruption commission has since served notice on the recently deposed Najib for his statement to be recorded in relation to a probe into SRC International, a former unit of a subsidiary of 1MDB.

Najib had said little since the raids other than to complain to local media about how they were conducted.

Less than two weeks after from being voted out of office after nearly three decades in power, Najib was ordered to explain a suspicious transfer of 42 million ringgit ($10.6 million, €9 million) into his bank account.

Mohd Shukri explained how he and his team took photos of the person and immediately alerted the then Inspector General of Police to track the person that followed him.

"I'm coming back to finish what I haven't finished", Shukri said.

"We had our own intelligence sources, that I would be arrested and locked up, because I was accused as being part of a conspiracy to bring down the government", Shukri told a news conference, shedding tears briefly during opening remarks.

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"I was sent a bullet to my house".

The focus is on the asset recovery to bring back all the money and asset revenue from the 1MDB case offence.

"We find that the country's finances, for example, was abused in a way that now we are facing trouble settling debts that have risen to a trillion ringgit", he said.

That shock election result upended Malaysia's political order, as it was the first defeat for a coalition that had governed the Southeast Asian nation since its independence from colonial rule in 1957.

To investigate 1MDB, the new government on Monday set up a task force made up of members of the anti-graft agency, police and the central bank, to liaise with "enforcement agencies in the United States, Switzerland, Singapore, Canada and other related countries".

Najib and his wife have been barred from leaving the country after the new government reopened an investigation into the case.

Najib Razak arrives at the MACC on Tuesday.

The money was in addition to about $700 million that US investigators said ended in Najib's bank account.