Elon Musk's Empire Converges: Boring Tunnel to Link LA With SpaceX


The announcement comes just as Musk announced that he wants to combine the Boring Company's Hyperloop technology and tunnels with SpaceX's rockets to get anywhere on earth in less than an hour.

The news was announced during a community meeting for The Boring Company last night which, funnily enough, Musk was late to due to the city's traffic, which he called "the seventh or eighth level" of hell.

This evening, Boring Company executives Elon Musk and Steve Davis offered a few more details about their plans to revolutionize LA urban transit, introducing the "Loop" which would eventually be composed of all-electric pods that transport up to 16 passengers at a time. He teased that they would be delivered personally via a Boring Company van.

Musk originally said the flamethrowers would arrive by the spring. It has planned a tunnel for an underground train system of its own under the Sepulveda Pass, the same area where Boring has said it would like to work.

According to the Musk's plan, the vacuum Hyperloop tubes will enable traveling at 300 miles per hour. But The Boring Company is right behind you at 1/15th your speed & soon will be 1/10th! First, Musk plans a 2.7-mile test tunnel - one he's already gotten an exemption from the city to do without an environmental impact review. "It wouldn't be possible to have a subway tunnel in L.A., which a lot of people do not realize exists, but there is a subway in L.A.", Musk said. The proposal inspired a lawsuit against the city by the Brentwood Residents Coalition and the Sunset Coalition.

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The nearly completed dry run is created to make sure plans actually work - if it doesn't, the city can request the tunnel is filled in with concrete or soil.

'This is groundbreaking, this is establishing a precedent, and I think we all agree that we want to make sure that this goes off without a hitch, ' Hawthorne's Mayor Alex Vargas added at the meeting. After unveiling the idea of using capsules to ferry people or things in 2012, Musk let other startups take it further by making the IP open source.

A crowd of about 700 people, followers of Musk, a few seen wearing Tesla Company hats, cheering along to numerous comments made by Musk and the answers given by Musk for various questions asked after his presentation was quite challenging.

The government of neighboring Culver City has also expressed concern about how Los Angeles' government handled the project.