CM Punk Responds To 'Fan Outrage,' John Cena


The WWE stars, who called off their engagement a few weeks ahead of their wedding date, have opened up about the end of their relationship and how it has affected them.

I have hope. I just want John and I to live happily ever after - whether it's together or separate.

Nikki might not be too inclined to buy into what Cena is saying either because she appeared on Kathie Lee and Hoda's little program as part of The Today Show and had her own piece to say about it. Whether it is Cena hiding a new love interest or simply the fact that he's still with Nikki Bella there is something askew and if you noticed this fact then take solace in knowing you're not the only one. John-and you guys know this-is absolutely an fantastic man. I don't want anybody else.

A newly-released trailer for the upcoming season of E!'s hit series Total Bellas will detail the dissolution of Nikki's relationship with Cena, and the moments that effectively led up to their separation. Cena even admitted that he wants to marry Nikki and be the father to her children. "I don't care about anybody's comments, I care about one person". "He's my best friend".

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She revealed, "You do get to see a lot of wedding planning and you also get to see what issues wedding planning can bring and what you get kind of just the issues you get to deal with for the rest of your life".

'I just started to feel so suffocated, ' she admits.

We then see her twin sister Brie preparing to return to the ring for the first time since becoming a mom. "Cold feet really exist". "I'm alone in these massive, lovely houses".

While Nikki claimed that she "hadn't heard" what Cena said on the show and, when told about his comments, looked surprised. "To successfully raise children together as a couple, both people need to be on board, if they stand any chance of doing it well", Dr. Mann continues, adding that it could be "a recipe for disaster" if the pair does become parents and the issue comes up in front of their children.