Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Season Six; FOX & NBC Talk Cancellation & Revival


The ensemble cast in "The Last Man on Earth" has consistently been one of the strongest and most overlooked casts on television.

While we'd love to see both The Blacklist season 6 and Brooklyn Nine-Nine sooner rather than later, unfortunately, you're going to be forced to wait a while on both of them.

"Ever since we sold this show to Fox I've regretted letting it get away, and it's high time it came back to its rightful home", said Robert Greenblatt, Chairman, NBC Entertainment.

Greenblatt is hopeful the show can go for "several more years", but stressed it is too early to tell. (As well as maybe gave some people flashbacks to Fox cancelling such gems as Firefly and Arrested Development.) Perhaps it even means the series will work to get the famous Star Wars actor on for a cameo or role next year? "We love the show", she said, touting its creators and "phenomenal cast", while also noting five seasons is a "great length of time for a single cam" comedy run. Until... NBC swept in an made the save.

A follow-up question was asked about why they would cancel Brooklyn Nine-Nine and renew Last Man Standing, and the answer was that Brooklyn Nine-Nine had more hard point of entry than Last Man Standing and that Last Man Standing was averaging more than double the viewers of Brooklyn Nine-Nine week in and week out.

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It's believed that fans didn't wage a campaign like they did when American comedy series, Chuck was nearly cancelled.

Samberg later tweeted, "So happy to announce: NBC IS PICKING UP BROOKLYN 99 for SEASON 6!" while his co-star Melissa Fumero thanked fans on the social media site. We ordered it throughout five seasons. Added cochairman Gary Newman: "Tim's personal politics really aren't a big feature of the show". We always felt like for whatever reason, ABC didn't really prioritize 'Last Man Standing'. Hulu also now has an SVOD deal with the show, so the two entities have a relationship of some nature already.

Roseanne Barr is also a Trump supporter, as is the title character of her show, but "Roseanne" also includes other political voices.

In a follow-up, Schur acknowledged that it was the fans who made the renewal of the Andy Samberg-starrer possible. By Friday night it was an NBC series. Goor and Schur executive produce alongside David Miner and Luke Del Tredici. Amy Poehler is one of the behind-the-scenes figures on the Thursday night show.