Bethesda Is Teasing Something Super Pink for Next Week


The pink colouring would be a mystery though, if it wasn't also used on a tweet that Bethesda used to mock the Walmart leak of Rage 2. There is so much on the table that this year's E3 press conference will perhaps be the biggest for the makers of Fallout.

Bethesda's account retweeted that, as did marketing exec Pete Hines with the message "this is why we can't have nice things". I'm starting to get excited.

By the way, Bethesda has been sharing few teasers about Rage 2 lately, which should be in the making at id Software, and on top of that, you should not forget the Moon expansion for Prey by Arkane Software, which is apparently bigger than anticipated...

If you can't view the tweet then the date that was shown in the image was "514" or May 14th. This interpretation seems to be corroborated by the second picture Bethesda posted featuring the same pink tint - this time displaying a rocket with 5-14 printed on its side.

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The publisher's E3 2018 showcase will debut on June 10 at 6:30PM PST.

Bethesda Softworks has released several new teaser images on its Twitter page over the past day, with the new images in question showing locations around the world highlighted in pink.

Wednesday's leak of multiple unannounced titles, which were presumably scheduled as surprise announcements at E3, was met with expected silence from many publishers and developers, but Bethesda leaned into the chaos.

A follow up tweet featured people queuing for Anarchy Bus Tours, which is clearly linked to Rage.