Apple faces a lawsuit over MacBook consoles


Apple has faced some heavy and ugly criticism over the butterfly switch keyboards on the 12-inch MacBook and current-generation MacBook Pro. Back in 2016, the company filed a patent for a dust-resistant butterfly keyboard, which suggests Apple knew of the issues and was planning to come out with better keyboard. According to a report by Apple Insider, there were thousands of owners who reported have some kind of an issue with their keyboard. The keyboard was advertised as being more responsive and comfortable than its previous iteration. Apple claims the keyboard is "four times more stable" despite its space-saving build. It's gone through a couple of iterations, but failure rates have skyrocketed and MacBook Pro users claim that all of them are at risk of breaking or becoming stuck due to their innate fragility. Specifically, they want Apple to "return to Plaintiffs and Class members all costs attributable to remedying or eplacing defective MacBook laptops, including but not limited to economic losses from the purchase of replacement laptops".

Apple has its fair share of product malfunctions, but the reported problems with the keyboard for the MacBook Pro have landed the tech company in court.

On Friday Night, Apple was hit with a class action lawsuit over the butterfly switch keyboards that have been on the MacBook Pro line since 2015. "As a result of the defect, consumers who purchased a MacBook face a constant threat of non-responsive keys and accompanying keyboard failure", the complaint reads.

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The lawsuit says that Apple knew of the problem before launch. In several cases, the failure of the keyboard to register keystrokes forced a lot of users to take their laptops in for servicing, which is a very expensive undertaking when out of warranty. The keyboard on Macbook Pro 2016 models have been said to be failing twice as much as older models, according to an investigation by AppleInsider.

An Apple PR representative declined to comment. Recently, a petition for Apple to change the keyboard got over 20,000 signatures.

The plaintiffs in the suit are seeking damages and legal fees, and are separately demanding that Apple admit to the design flaw in the butterfly switch keyboard. Apple Mac has a guide on the best way to clean a MacBook or MacBook Pro console with packed air, however advance treatment requires fix by professionals.