A Star Wars Story'


"You're shitting me", Ehrenreich said as Ford appeared next to him.

And it's another 80s movie too that may be getting a follow-up.

It's no secret that a majority of Star Wars fans have been anxious about the overall quality of Solo, which releases next week. Many of us simply assumed this meant Threepio would make some sort of cameo appearance.

"I was trying to get them in the movie, you know, very hard". The film stars Ehrenreich as Solo and Donald Glover as Lando Calrissian, both actors playing younger versions of the characters made famous by the original Star Wars trilogy.

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Would like to see a Solo sequel and/or a Lando film? Though a series of daring escapades deep within a dark and unsafe criminal underworld, Han Solo meets his mighty future copilot Chewbacca and encounters the notorious gambler Lando Calrissian, in a journey that will set the course of one of the Star Wars saga's most unlikely heroes. He will play the role of Chewbacca's best friend. If the biggest Star Wars critic can enjoy Solo, then there's a good chance that it's actually pretty decent.

Harrison Ford interrupted a television interview Alden Ehrenreich was doing with Entertainment Tonight this weekend. Things are certainly looking up for the latest Star Wars spin-off, which may now have the potential to bring a number of fans back to the franchise after The Last Jedi polarized audiences. "I farmed movies, TV episodes and even still photographs that I graphed onto Alden Ehrenreich's face and animated".

Co-screenwriter Jonathan Kasdan revealed that Threepio will be absent for the first time in a Star Wars film, "but Anthony Daniels is in the movie as a different character".

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