YouTube shooter tells police she won't hurt anyone


Police body cam footage of Nasim Aghdam taken the night before she shot people at YouTube headquarters April 3 was released Friday.

Nasim Aghdam had been reported missing by her family in Southern California and police found her asleep in her auto in parking in the city of Mountain View, about 30 miles (48 kilometers) from YouTube's headquarters.

The officers were not identified by Mountain View police, and public information officer Katie Nelson said the backup officer who questioned Aghdam had 20 years' experience with the department, ABC 7 reported.

Police did not ask if she had any weapons in her vehicle. He is heard on the video as he checks her car's license plate with a dispatcher, and the dispatcher says that the vehicle owner is a missing person.

Merely hours sooner than capturing three people at YouTube's headquarters in California earlier this month after which taking her private life, Nasim Aghdam instructed cops she had no intention of wounding herself or others.

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In the video, a Mountain View police officer is seen coming upon Aghdam sleeping in a Walmart parking lot around 1:30 a.m.

In the press release, Mountain View police cited the Penal Code section that defines what constitutes an "at risk" person, which includes but is not limited to "a person missing because of circumstances including being the victim of a crime or foul play, needing medical attention, having no pattern of running away or disappearing, being the victim of parent/family abduction, or being mentally impaired".

Aghdam, 39, was reported missing by her family the day before but when officers spoke to her, she insisted she'd left her home in San Diego because she was not getting along with her family.

She added that she had not told anyone where she went.

However, PIO Nelson said that officers did not re-contact Nasim Aghdam. The police chief said there was no probable cause to search the auto. Aghdam responded, "No." Police asked her if she planned to hurt herself or others, and she said "no" to all these questions. It's determined that because she is an adult and not committing any crime, then all police can do is tell her that they'd be calling her father to let him she was found in Mountain View. Shortly after, they left. She told the officers she didn't "get along" with her family. The father thanked police for the call and hung up. An hour later, police say Ismail Aghdam called them back and said that Nasim was upset with YouTube.