"Westworld" recap: The five easiest ways to catch up on Season 1


(I'm a Black Hat, and will even be wearing it for the premiere.) What world would you vacation to if Delos Corporation gave you a free vacation?

Tonight is the highly anticipated Season 2 premiere of Westworld on HBO. But if I had a wish for the season before it's out, it would be for Westworld to go straight Freaky Friday and body swap all of our favorite hosts: Maeve now looks like Hector! First, the title is "Journey into Night".

Where can you watch it?

Speaking at season two's Tribeca Film Festival premiere in NY on Thursday, she told Vanity Fair the contract negotiations are 'happening right now, and yeah, we're all equal across the board.

Westworld Season 2 premieres on streaming service NOW TV and Sky Atlantic on Monday 23rd April at 2am.

Not necessarily. Thanks to BGR, we're happy to report that there are actually multiple ways to watch tonight's new episode, "Journey into Night", for free, though they require you to keep in mind to cancel subscriptions after free trials expire. After taking an extended break between seasons - we honestly can't believe it's been 18 months since Season 1 first debuted! In all honesty though, when you can add it to most subscription services and watch on your TV for the same price, this isn't really the way to go for a show of this magnitude.

According to Newton, however, Maeve's Season 2 storyline might come as a surprise. He will appear on the season's second episode, though.

Reddit: While we're on the topic of rabid fans, you will not find a more dedicated lot than the redditors on the /r/westworld subreddit. For one thing, based on the pictures, the faceless slow-walkers don't respect personal boundaries.

Which characters will be back?

QUESTIONS ABOUT SEASON 1: Fans have been left with a lot of questions after the ending of Season 1.

Fired up Westworld has a bit to go before it can match Daenerys’ dragons
Fired up Westworld has a bit to go before it can match Daenerys’ dragons

Equally impressive is Thandie Newton as android Maeve, who operates with cool cynicism.

Perhaps more surprisingly, Jimmi Simpson will also be returning.

The biggest question mark right now is Anthony Hopkins, whose park creator Robert Ford was killed in the finale.

Unsurprisingly, yes, there will be a few new characters in the park this time. The last time we see him is in a flashback scene with young William, riding naked on a horse towards the great unknown in Westworld.

Meanwhile Variety reports that Gustaf Skarsgård (Vikings), Fares Fares, and Betty Gabriel will all join the show.

"The season will be exploring the intersection of where and how they're human and some of the ways they can manipulate their own programming", Joy said. After more than 16 months, HBO's sci-fi epic is finally returning tonight for Season Two.

The idea was driven by the Reddit theorisers who correctly guessed most of the first seasons twists, which is why Nolan turned to them for this new plan, promising HBO would only do it if his post got more than 1,000 upvotes.

Just as the Westworld pilot was a slow burn leading up to Dolores slapping the fly on her neck, which subtly let us know the kind of ride we'd be in for, this episode is, too, as they lay the foundation for each of these main characters.

It's official: the robots have inherited the Earth.

Harris' comments were neither confirmed or denied by anyone on the show so it leaves us wondering what journey the Man in Black will take in season two.

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