Watch the Trailer for Hotel Artemis Because It Flippin' Rules


Comparisons to John Wick will no doubt be made here, as the setup of Hotel Artemis feels quite similar to the network of hotels that populate the John Wick universe.

We wouldn't blame you for not knowing much about Hotel Artemis-it's an original movie, not based on any book or comic or theme park ride.

Jodie Foster as Hotel Artemis' enigmatic nurse. The trailer introduces viewers to the underground world of criminals seeking refuge at the hospital.

Video: We've been hearing about Iron Man 3 screenwriter Drew Pearce's directorial debut for a while now, but we finally have a look at the dystopian future of Hotel Artemis in action - and its pretty awesome cast of criminals. Sterling K. Brown costars as Waikiki, a robber who shows up at Hotel Artemis injured alongside his crew one night, following what was otherwise a successful job. When Brown's Waikiki steals a portable vault worth millions and brings it inside Hotel Artemis, Jeff Goldblum's crime boss character tracks him down - and shows that he couldn't care less about the hospital's strict regulations.

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They include, "While on the premises, no fighting with or killing other patients" and, "If member is found to have compromised or led to compromise of location, membership will be revoked", and "Absolutely no visitors". Let us know your thoughts down below!

"Hotel Artemis" opens in theaters June 8.

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