Trump VA Nominee Allegedly 'Drunk On Duty', Says Senator


The White House continues to defend President Trump's pick to be the next Veterans Affairs secretary, Ronny Jackson, despite mounting questions over Jackson's tenure as White House physician.

Dr. Jackson has reportedly been accused of being drunk on the job and banging on a female employee's door while drunk on an overseas trip. "They question him about every little thing", Trump continued to complain, noting Jackson had been the Obamas' physician as well.

The documents did not include further significant details, the document states, in part to "protect the identities of those involved".

Earlier in the day, Jackson had denied such a report existed, per NBC News's Frank Thorp, who tweeted "This is interesting, as Ronny Jackson said earlier today on Capitol Hill: REPORTER: Was there an IG report about the allegations?"

After the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee abruptly postponed his confirmation hearing, which had been set for Wednesday, Jackson visited lawmakers to assure them he was fit to lead the VA.

Despite Trump on Tuesday giving Dr. Jackson an out, saying the decision to withdraw in the face of awful accusations is his, the Rear Admiral is pressing on - and the White House is in full offensive mode. "In fact, because Dr. Jackson worked within arm's reach of three Presidents, he has received more vetting than most nominees". She said the investigations "revealed no areas of concern".

Tester said that the senators didn't seek out these allegations.

The Senate Veterans Affairs Committee indefinitely postponed Jackson's confirmation hearing, which had been scheduled for Wednesday.

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But regardless of Jackson's leadership bona fides at the medical unit - and it now appears many people feel they aren't up to snuff - that job pales in comparison to the responsibilities that the doctor would take on as head of the VA, the federal government's second-largest federal agency that oversees a sprawling network of 1,300 hospitals and clinics that care for more than 9 million veterans.

"I wouldn't do it", Trump said in the East Room, standing next to French President Emmanuel Macron. The White House disputed that he had improperly administered medication, saying the medical unit passed regular audits by the Controlled Substance Inventory Board.

"The nominee deserves the chance to be heard", Isakson told reporters Wednesday morning.

Asked if Jackson's nomination is still viable, the committee chairman, Sen.

The letter requested information about rumored Pentagon inspector general reports said to detail allegations into Jackson's conduct.

Tester described reports to the Veterans" Affairs Committee that alleged that on overseas trips, Jackson would "go down the aisle way of the airplane and say, "All right, who wants to go to sleep?' And hand out the prescription drugs like they were candy. and put them to sleep and then give them the drugs to wake them back up again".

Other concerns about Jackson included allegations of a toxic work environment, Tester confirmed.