Trump Slams McCabe After IG's Report: 'He Lied'


The IG found that in late October 2016, McCabe authorized the disclosure to a reporter of an August 23, 2016, telephone call between McCabe and the then-principal associate deputy attorney general "to rebut a narrative that had been developing" following a Wall Street Journal story "that questioned McCabe's impartiality in overseeing FBI investigations" into Clinton's email server. Multiple news outlets published the report, dated February 2018.

Those in Washington have always been anticipating release of the document, which formed the basis of McCabe's firing just 26 hours before he could retire from the Federal Bureau of Investigation and begin collecting his full retirement benefits.

President Donald Trump on Friday labeled a report by the Justice Department's inspector general "a total disaster" for fired FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe - saying three times on Twitter that McCabe "lied" and tying him to his former boss, James Comey, whom Trump also dismissed.

President Donald Trump seized on the new report Friday to attack McCabe on Twitter, which he also did in the lead-up to McCabe's firing and immediately afterward.

Mr McCabe, a 20-year veteran at the law enforcement agency, was sacked in March two days before he became eligible to retire with a full government pension. But McCabe insisted that the move was crassly political - the Trump administration was simply trying to discredit him, as part of a broader attempt to obstruct and delegitimize the special counsel's investigation. He said the report did not detail "any understandable motive for his alleged wrongdoing", and said Trump had "further tainted the process" with his previous public comments on the Justice Department inspector general. McCabe was totally controlled by Comey - McCabe is Comey!' Trump tweeted. "He LIED! LIED! LIED!"

In a detailed rebuttal to the report, McCabe said he had made Comey aware of what he was doing, and that the report showed that Comey's recollection of their conversation was "fragmentary" and his statements about it "equivocal".

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The inspector general's report claims that McCabe misled investigators about the FBI's contacts with the media.

"And the rush to fire him, at the goading of the president, was unworthy of the great traditions of the Department of Justice", McCabe's counsel said in the statement on Friday. The spokesperson said they enlisted the help of the law firm Boies Schiller. McCabe said There "will be effect [s] and get to bottom of it post elect [ion]".

"Mr. McCabe's recollection of discussions he had with Director Comey about this issue is extremely clear; Director Comey's recollection is, by his own acknowledgment, not at all clear", Bromwich said.

Democrats have emphasized that McCabe's dismissal has nothing to do with the special counsel's investigation into Trump and Russian Federation, while raising questions about the firing. Copies of A Higher Loyalty were obtained by the Guardian and other outlets on Thursday, five days before publication. Meanwhile, McCabe recenty raised more than $500,000 for what he anticipates will be legal fees.

The review was scathing in its conclusion that the ex-official repeatedly mislead investigators, including about discloses to the media.