Trump attacks ex-FBI director Comey in early morning tweetstorm


Trump denied the allegations and said he might want the FBI to investigate allegations in the dossier to prove they were not true, Comey told ABC.

The interview with Comey has been making headlines since mid-February, when ABC News anchor and Good Morning America co-host, George Stephanopoulos, announced on Twitter that he was "looking forward" to his "exclusive interview with James Comey for the launch of his book A Higher Loyalty".

Trump fired Comey in May 2017, setting off a scramble at the Justice Department that led to the appointment of Robert Mueller as special counsel overseeing the Russian Federation investigation. As he extended his hand, I made a mental note to check its size.

In the book, a copy of which was obtained by POLITICO, Comey, in describing his first meeting with the president in January 2017, wrote, "His face appeared slightly orange, with bright white half-moons under his eyes where I assumed he placed small tanning goggles, and impressively coiffed, bright blond hair, which upon close inspection looked to be all his".

Comey's recent behavior has been equally puerile, with the former head of one of the most powerful agencies on Earth lending credence to a patently absurd conspiracy theory involving Trump and prostitutes.

James Comey was born on December 14, 1960, in Yonkers, New York.

Comey revealed that Donald Trump works like a mafia boss, he wants complete loyalty towards him, he feels the entire world is against him and he is a liar.

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Comey recommended no criminal charges to the Justice Department in the Clinton email probe, instead reprimanding the former Secretary of State as "extremely careless".

The interviews are Comey's first public comments since he testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee last June, when he accused Trump of firing him to undermine the FBI's Russian Federation investigation. His handling of the Crooked Hillary Clinton case, and the events surrounding it, will go down as one of the worst "botch jobs" of history.

On the night of their dinner, Comey responded to Trump's request for an investigation into pee-gate by suggesting that such a probe could create the false impression that the FBI was investigating Trump personally.

Sanders accused Comey of leaking classified information and breaking his "sacred trust with the president of the United States, the dedicated agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the American people". And Comey has several to touch upon, notably his refusal to let Cheney and White House staffer David Addington expand a counterterrorism surveillance program code-named Stellar Wind in 2004. I know he took the loss hard.

Anticipating broad media attention for Comey as his book tour gets underway, Sanders scolded reporters in advance for preparing to "cover it endlessly, all day today, all day tomorrow, and my guess is every day next week with very little time given to the issues that people care about". Trump said he would think about it and asked Comey to consider it too.

Mr Trump's allies have also mounted an online campaign to discredit Mr Comey's book, with a website that brands the nation's former top law enforcement official as "Lyin' Comey". But in a controversial move, Comey told Congress just days before the election that the FBI was reviewing additional emails in relation to the investigation. "I don't remember consciously thinking about that, but it must have been. I don't use words like that".