Syria, Russia and Iran condemn tripartite attack on Damascus


Mr Nebenzia also called for the UN Security Council to meet again on Friday to discuss the possibility of Western military action. He was referring to the three countries' efforts to reduce violence in Syria. Four countries abstained: Ethiopia, Kazakhstan, Equatorial Guinea, and Peru.

Russian military and diplomatic officials warned before President Trump ordered a military strike on Syria Friday that they would counter any attack on Syrian forces in retaliation for an alleged chemical attack on April 7.

Russia's Colonel General Sergei Rudskoi said at a press conference on Saturday: 'This fact of American aggression shows that US is not interested in conducting an objective investigation, wishes to disrupt the process of peaceful resolution in Syria and destabilise the situation in the region and has nothing to do with the previously proclaimed goals of fighting global terrorism'.

"A perfectly executed strike last night".

"When our president draws a red line, our president enforces the red line, " Haley said. Pierce said she wanted "to state categorically ... that Britain has no involvement and would never have any involvement in the use of a chemical weapon". The statement said none of the patients had any symptoms of chemical poisoning.

According to Antonov, all responsibility for this lies on Washington, London and Paris.

"We are very concerned about the decision of the cabinet to "take action" in Syria", Mr Yakovenko said. "If we continue on this path, we will soon reach the diplomacy of the absurd". Russian Federation also calls it "fabricated".

The Russian embassy in US wasted no time in reacting to the strikes late Friday in the USA, with Ambassador Anatoly Antonov saying on Twitter, "The worst apprehensions have come true".

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Britain's ambassador to the United Nations, Karen Pierce, dismissed Konashenkov's claim as "a blatant lie".

Russia's Nebenzia called it "a very sad day for the world, for the United Nations, for its Charter which was blatantly, blatantly violated, and for the Security Council which has shirked its responsibilities".

"We're not allowed to see our citizens, talk to doctors, we have no idea about the treatment Russian nationals receive", he said.

It seeks answers from Syria on gaps in its chemical weapons declaration to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has said the chemical weapons attack in Syria was staged by humanitarian groups.

"Russia had a choice - either to risk and respond militarily, which is very unsafe because you can lose, or what is happening now".

A resolution needed at least nine "yes" votes to be approved.

"Our relationship with Russian Federation is worse now than it has ever been, and that includes the Cold War", Trump tweeted on Wednesday.