Suspected Waffle House gunman says few words during video arraignment


Reinking remains in custody in lieu of a $2 million bond and makes his first scheduled court appearance Wednesday.

At 3:25 a.m., Reinking entered an Antioch, Tennessee, Waffle House armed with an AR-15 assault rifle.

Four people were killed in the shooting, though there likely could have been more victims had it not been for Shaw's heroic act. If not for the efforts of a patron who wrestled the gun away, many more would have died.

It was construction worker Lydia French who dialed 911 after seeing a man fitting Reinking's description, the Tennessean reported. She has a home in Nashville, though it is not her only residence.

Authorities found Reinking in a wooded area Monday not far from his apartment after a almost 36-hour manhunt, leaving the metro Nashville area on edge. Police and agents with the FBI, the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and troopers with the Tennessee Highway Patrol had mounted a massive manhunt following the slayings.

Police records showed that Reinking had a series of increasingly troubled encounters with authorities since 2016. Reinking has a very troubled history of mental health issues, but he was still able to acquire guns, and reacquire the same weapons, after he was arrested for trespassing in a restricted White House area on one occasion, and telling police that he was being stalked by Taylor Swift on another occasion.

Reinking has refused to answer questions about his motive, Don Aaron, a spokesman for the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department told the Washington Post.

Reinking faces four counts of homicide. Investigators responded and saw a pathway. Confronted, Reinking lay down to be handcuffed. At one level, he stop work believing police have been following him and later drove to Final Likelihood, an unincorporated group in japanese Colorado, pondering it was his "final likelihood" to marry Swift, the report stated. His movements since the killings remain unclear. After being treated and released, he was in church Sunday alongside Nashville Mayor David Briley.

Nashville police chief Steve Anderson called the arrest a "team effort" and praised the citizen who called in the sighting.

Officials say a tip from the local community led to his apprehension.

The man, who'd emerged from the woods near where French was working with her crew, looked "shocked" and "disorientated", she told the newspaper. She said he appeared disoriented.

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The public was cautioned that the man is to be considered still armed and extremely unsafe.

Reinking has had run-ins with authorities before. The father told police he gave them back to his son.

Reinking had not yet been connected to the stolen BMW. Brentwood police initially gave chase, but the chase was suspended due to the vehicle's Global Positioning System capability.

Sure enough, the auto was recovered the same day, outside Reinking's apartment.

Jeffrey Reinking isn't the only parent who should have to take responsibility for any negligent and risky decisions when it comes to guns. He was sacked or dismissed from his job about three weeks ago and got a similar job, but hadn't shown up for work in recent days. She was an exceptional student and star athlete at Gallatin High before enrolling at Belmont University where she placed on the dean's list.

Akilah DaSilva, 23 was a budding rap artist and music video producer, known to many as "Natrix Dream" as noted on his social, Soundcloud, and YouTube accounts. He said he never thought he'd be in a room with all eyes on him. In addition, WFTV notes that Sharita Henderson and Shanita Waggoner were injured in the incident.

Waffle House customer James Shaw, Jr., 29, was in the restroom and seized an opportunity to rush Reinking, fighting the killer for his gun and tossing it over the counter.

"I hit him with the swivel door, and then the gun was kind of jammed up and it was pushed down", explained hailed hero James Shaw Jr.

"I was at my truck and I was going to get something out and my husband and two guys hollered at me, 'I think that's him.' We were quite a bit away, but we could just see what he was wearing", French said.

By then, police say, the 29-year-old with a troubled past had shot four people to death in a Waffle House not far from where he lived.