Snap jumps after announcing its new and improved Spectacles


Snap has officially launched is next generation Spectacles and while they look near identical to the first version, there are some new features it hopes will convince more people to buy them this time.

As for the expectations for the second gen Spectacles, Cheddar has predicted that we could see two versions, one with Global Positioning System and dual cameras and more advanced features and one product closer to what the first gen offered. And yeah, there's no telling just how well the new Spectacles will sell, but here's to them doing okay.

Spectacles 2.0 adds new colors, water resistance and the ability to take photos. Exports always happens in HD over Specs' internal Wi-Fi now, and transfers go four times quicker than the old process that required you to sync standard definition (low quality) versions of videos first, then pick your favorites, then download them in HD.

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The new Spectacles are touted as "hands-free", but you must, of course, use your hand to begin recording; it's not voice-activated. You can capture up to a 30-second video with the glasses.

The glasses are slimmer and come in a variety of less gaudy colors than their predecessors: a dark blue, a deep red and an onyx black. Instead of staffing and placing vending machines in random locations, the company is only selling its glasses directly to consumers through Resolution has also improved, with the 1,088 x 1,088 video being bumped to 1,216 x 1,216 - and 1,642 x 1,642 for photographs. Those photos and videos can also be loaded onto a users phone at a much faster speed. Snap was reportedly able to reuse some of the parts in their unsold first generation Spectacles in the latest units. The temple area of the frame, which houses the bulk of the electronics, is around one third smaller, while the charging case is more than 20 per cent smaller. The Spectacles V2 will only be available to purchase from its official website and from the online store in the Snapchat app.

The new version of Snap's Spectacles can also be ordered with prescription or polarized lenses.