Shenmue 1 & 2 Coming To PS4, Xbox One, And PC This Year


The Shenmue I & II collection is billed as the "best Shenmue experience to date".

Unfortunately, its release on the the doomed Dreamcast console meant that few people played it, or its sequel, in their original forms, although Shenmue II did see a further release on the original Xbox.

According to Sega, the Shenmue franchise has established a passionate following and is revered as one of gaming's greatest series of all time.

Shenmue III is expected to release later this year following a successful crowdfunding campaign that saw Ys Net raise $6,333,295 to become the most funded video game in Kickstarter history.

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Sega, thankfully, is now looking to deliver on that suggestion.

Following several reports over the last couple of years, Sega kicked off FES 2018 with the announcement that it's re-releasing Shenmue I and Shenmue II for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. It will appear on the PlayStation 4 in Japan, but will come to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC worldwide.

The bundle isn't just a straight port of the original games, either. The game features scalable resolution, choice of modern or classic controls, PC graphics options, an updated user interface, and the option to select original Japanese or English voiceovers. It might not be a ground-up reworking, but it looks like there's enough here to bring the games up to modern standards.

This re-release comes at the flawless time, as Shenmue III is now in development, and this port will be ideal to help gamers relive or catch up with the Shenmue trilogy.