Saroj Khan defends casting couch: 'They don't rape, at least provide roti'


Actor-turned-politician Kamal Haasan came down heavily on the controversy triggered by Bollywood choreographer Saroj Khan on the issue of casting couch in the industry. Somebody or the other tries to get cozy with every girl.

There have been women in the Hindi film industry, too, who have spoken about battling the casting couch, and Ms. Khan's words are a reflection of a state of mind that refuses to make amends.

She also said that it totally depends on the girl if she wants to give in or not and that if someone has art and talent, she will not need to undergo casting couch. "Don't blame the film industry, it is our mother like a place" asked senior choreographer guru Saroj Khan. Yes, it's true that casting couch doesn't just exist in the film industry and it's probably happening everywhere. Why do you always target the film industry?

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She said, "I lost respect for you Saroj ma'am. It is giving a wrong indication that you have to be a slave to producers". "It is time that India stood up and said #MeToo", Chowdhary said.

"I think people are making a mountain of a molehill", exclaimed Richa Chadha as she defended Saroj Khan. "It does not rape and abandon people", Khan told media. "(If you are talented enough then why would you give in?)" "Film industry ko kuch mat kehna woh humaara mai-baap hai.(Don't say anything against the film industry, it is our livelihood)". Those who desperately want success or promotion or are looking for that golden chance most probably would be ready to compromise, whether in films, media or even in corporate offices. "I have been very lucky that I never had to face casting couch", he said. "That was my way of protecting myself", she said.

While she has acknowledged the existence of this practise, there are several other members of the industry who continue to categorically deny it. Apparently, her comments are now stoking new debates in Bollywood as well as in Tollywood.