Opera Introduces New Mobile Browser Designed For One-Hand Use


All the browser's key functions have been moved within the thumb's reach, which is why you should have no issues using Opera Touch with one hand.

Opera Touch is available now for Android, and from what we've seen so far, it seems like a great way to browse the web if Chrome's experience feels a tad stale. Convenient, if you ask me especially for busy people who do things like shopping or walking while also using their phone. In this particular story, we are here to tell you all about a new browser from the house of Opera known as the Opera Touch. Opera has added a new feature called Instant Search to its web browser, which essentially allows you to pull up a search box over the webpage you're now viewing by hitting Alt + Spacebar. Maciej Kocemba, product manager at Opera explained. Additionally, the browser opens directly into search with the keyboard activated, ready for you to type in a URL or query. That's because they know you usually want to quickly find something online and move on with your life, or that your other hand might be holding something.

Opera has launched a new mobile browser. You'd only need to set up Flow once: after you update to the latest version of Opera on your desktop, simply activate the feature and scan the QR code that pops up with the Touch browser.

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Released Wednesday, the webpage for Opera Touch mentioned that the browser has a faster search capability and is meant to be integrated with the desktop browser from Opera so users can transition seamlessly from one to the other. After opening the browser you will notice an icon below termed as the "Fast Action Button". Then when you enter into a website, scrolling up will reveal a button at the bottom of the page that you can tap to access your other tabs or to start a new one.

Opera has also added numerous desktop browser's features into Opera Touch, including a built-in ad blocker and protection from cryptojacking, but the most exciting feature added is a syncing tool called Opera Flow.