Meek Mill To Be Released From Prison Free Man Within Hours!


Meek Mill will be a free man in 1 hour. out of prison after a long legal battle.

Meek Mill has been granted bail.

"I came because I feel Meek represents thousands of people in Pennsylvania and even tens of thousands around the country that have been victimized by abusive probationary and parole systems", said Sharpton.

The rapper spoke exclusively to Page Six as he raced to the Philadelphia 76ers playoff game in a vehicle after his close friend, 76ers co-owner Michael Rubin, personally picked him up at the jail and flew him on his personal helicopter into Philly to head to the arena.

Beyonce, Jay-Z and comedian Kevin Hart were part of a campaign to free him.

Rubin had organized visits to Mill's prison with Embiid, Ben Simmons and Markelle Fultz.

Mill's case has been championed by players across the National Basketball Association - including Sixers rookies Ben Simmons and Markelle Fultz, who reportedly went to visit him in prison, as well - and he has frequently attended Philadelphia games over the years.

Last week, Meek Mill told CNN's Don Lemon that he was optimistic that he was going to get out of jail sooner than later.

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After his release, Williams said in a statement that the five months he spent in prison "have been a nightmare".

He said he would now focus his attention on getting his convictions overturned, and that he looks forward to resuming his music career.

Meek Mill had been serving a 2-4 year sentence for violating his probation, leading to many in the local community to call for his release, arguing the punishment far outweighs his crime.

Meek Mill rung the ceremonial bell to massive applause at tonight's Sixers vs. Heat game.

Mill has said he was badly beaten during the 2008 arrest and placed a bloody mugshot of himself as the cover of his "DC4" mixtape.

"When you know that you're innocent, it's tough to sit through something that you know you didn't do". "When you have these probation violations that are turning into four to eight year sentences, I think that should be reviewed..."

"Do you remember, nigga, I told you not to take those ten years of probation!"

In addition to street rallies, Mill enjoyed the support of celebrities including hip-hop mogul Jay-Z, whose Roc Nation management signed Mill. Studies indicate that black probationers are more likely to have their probation revoked, which makes it just one more way in which the criminal justice system perpetuates centuries-old American traditions of racial discrimination.