Koreas begin preparatory talks for summit


Vice President Pence warned that North Korea's participation in the Olympics was "just a cover up for the repressive regime" and a "beautiful photo opportunity" to deceive the South Korean government and people about its real intentions.

"I, of course, don't know if this is going to happen and we can not unconditionally be positive about the North Korea-U.S. summit talks". North Korea declared the on-again, off-again talks dead at the time, blaming USA aggression.

But the report from the Commons' Defence Select Committee added that a strike of that sort is "highly unlikely".

"According to an agreement between North Korea and China, these passes are supposed to be valid for only 30 days, but North Korea issues passes valid for periods of from six months to a year, and China does not argue over this extended period of validity", he said.

These belligerent actions were wrapped in an evermore threatening rhetoric by the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un.

The report said: "We believe it is obvious to North Korea that launching such weapons would lead inescapably to devastating military consequences from the US, South Korea and other countries too".

Chinese Communist Party head Xi Jinping reportedly offered the ruling couple expensive liquor, fancy tea cups, and jewelry in gratitude for their secret visit to China, Kim Jong-un's first trip overseas as dictator of North Korea.

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The sanctions on luxury goods are meant to pressure the Kim regime into dismantling its illegal nuclear weapons program, which Kim has insisted is necessary due to the ongoing Korean War (while hostilities ceased, the United States and North Korea never signed a peace treaty).

The MPs described Mr Kim as "ruthless but rational".

Meanwhile, China-based North Korean trade workers visiting North Korea for end-of-year performance reviews are actively recruiting workers to send back to China, sources say.

North Korea was believed to be behind last May's WannaCry attack, which affected NHS hospitals, businesses and banks across the world causing billions of dollars of damage.

North and South Korean officials held preparatory talks Thursday for a summit later this month between the countries' two leaders amid a global effort to resolve tensions over Pyongyang's nuclear program.

'With North Korea unconcerned by who gets hurt when it lashes out, the United Kingdom will continue to be at risk from North Korean cyber-attacks'. While Chinese officials first claimed they had "no idea" whether Kim was in the country or not, communist state-run publications later interpreted Kim's visit as a victory of Xi, giving the Chinese leader full credit for Kim's alleged newfound openness to denuclearization.

A time and place have not been set for the Trump-Kim meeting to discuss denuclearization.