KIYC: Finding what information Facebook knows about you


The verdict from Wall Street is in - and investors clearly think Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was the victor after ten hours of testimony in Congress Tuesday and Wednesday.

It added $21.3 billion to Facebook's market value and $3 billion to Zuckerberg's personal net worth, Fortune reported. Here's a look at his statements.

Facebook allows a user to do various things like sharing articles, posting pictures and even shopping.

As of January 2018, statistics aggregator Statista reports that Facebook serves roughly 214 million users in the US.

Facebook on Monday said: "Our goals are to understand Facebook's impact on upcoming elections - like Brazil, India, Mexico and the U.S. midterms - and to inform our future product and policy decisions".

He offered apologies to politicians as he made a long-awaited appearance in a United States congressional hearing on the hijacking of personal data on millions of users. Zuckerberg alluded to one on Wednesday: Who owns material shared across a social network to multiple users? The section titled "Was my information shared?" explains whether your or your friends ever logged into the nefarious quiz, though it won't name which friends handed over your data to the app. "Now is that my photo or is it your photo?" he said.

Could this be setting Facebook up for an antitrust battle? Sen.

You can limit ad targeting, but it requires several steps, which you may have to repeat from time to time.

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You'd have to have been in a coma or living on a deserted island to not know that Facebook has been in the news lately.

Are you a Facebook user? "As CEO, you didn't know some key facts". There is no earthly use for much of the data it collects and there is probably some that it could collect but does not.

Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg spoke in front of the US Senate this week, addressing Facebook and the Cambridge Analytica scandal, in which the personal information of millions of users was accessed and manipulated. "Why should we trust you?" asked Democratic Representative Mike Doyle.

Facebook will investigate "tens of thousands" of apps to discover if any other companies have accessed data in a similar way to Cambridge Analytica, Mark Zuckerberg has told USA politicians.

The United States finished fourth in its distrust in Facebook among the 10 countries surveyed January 23 to February 27 by Honest Data - before the Cambridge Analytica stories were published in mid-March.

GETTYWill Facebook launch a new paid-for service? This happens as it crawls through your web activities even outside Facebook by storing cookies in your browser. Whether it be Google, whether it be Facebook, whether it be anybody.

In February, a Belgian court ruled that Facebook had violated European privacy law with such tracking because it hadn't obtained consent either to collect or store the data.