Instagram rolls out new 'Focus' mode for awesome pictures, videos


For starters, a new "Focus" camera format will help users take more captivating self-portraits by blurring everything in the background.

The details of this feature are yet to be finalized and Instagram did not go into any detail at the moment. As soon as there's someone in the shot, you'll notice the person stays in focus while the background softly blurs - making sure they stand out in a striking way.

This step will be a challenge to social media rivals life Snapchat as it doesn't come with such camera features. If your device is running at least v39 of the app and meets the decidedly vague criteria mentioned above, this feature should already be available to you.

Unfortunately, Instagram's announcement blog post for Focus Mode states that this is only available for "select Android devices". But while it feeds data into its sister social networks, Instagram itself has yet to extend into new verticals. Apart from this, in order to expand its user base the app changed its algorithm and also witnessed a revamp with the change in its popular polaroid camera logo.

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So I can basically use portrait mode on any phone?

A spokeswoman told the publication that Instagram "was not pressured" into adding Stories and the features was created "internally".

In order to find out the new Portrait Mode, just swipe the carousel of camera. Under the "Record" button, the "Focus" option appears next to the "Superzoom" option. Initially they refused to do so, but after more discussions, Zuckerberg convinced them and the Instagram Stories features was rolled out in 2016.

Now Instagram, a Facebook property, has decided to make the option available too.