Goose attacks teen golfer during MI tournament


A young golfer came a cropper on the green over the weekend after he stumbled into the nesting area of two bloody enormous geese.

A MI high schooler was ready to tee off and play some golf, but a Canadian goose had other plans. The photos of the teen's attack have quickly gone viral.

The story also was picked up by The PGA of America, which wrote on its website: "Though geese can be lovely when watching them fly in flocks, the truth is they can be a real nuisance to golfers. And that's without them attacking golfers".

The victim, Isaac Couling, suffered the unlikely avian air raid while making his way through the front nine with the rest of his group.

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Couling told The Detroit News that he started to run away from the goose before he fell to the ground and laid there defenseless.

So the next time you hit your local course and see these mongrels, stay alert and be aware. It s pretty insane.

He says he scored par on the hole. The Blissfield Athletics Twitter account explained that Couling was caught off guard by the charging bird as he was keeping an eye on another, probably equally threatening, goose. Today, there are more than 300,000 across the state, according to the natural resources department, which said the birds are found in every county but most common in the southern third of the state.