Google's Redesign of Gmail to Include a 'Confidential Mode'


What's up with the new Gmail?

Offline support, which Google said it will make available by June 2018, will let you store your emails on your computer so you can access them offline. However, this time it is speculated to be getting refurnished along with Gmail redesign. At least, not yet we aren't. Fast forward nearly 15 years later, and little has changed except a 2011 redesign that simplified the UI even more. G Suite is Google's cloud computing arm which also manages productivity and collaboration tools, software, and products developed by Google. The goal of the email was to inform these administrators that there would be a new look coming to in the next little while. If you ever check your Gmail on your phone, the changes won't seem that alien to you.

This "confidential mode" will be available around the time that Google launches the Gmail redesign, which will reportedly be within the next few weeks. It is said to be useful for those users who always tap on the Assistant when trying to go back to the Photos in the bottom tabs, after all this photo gallery app primarily.

What is Gmail Adding to its Layout?

Adding to the confidentiality features of the new Gmail design is a way to ensure that your recipient confirms their identity using a passcode sent via text message.

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The revamp looks like it'll feature a new, clean design, smart replies, the ability to snooze emails and a new pane for the Calendar and Keep apps. What does the snooze feature do? In addition, the sender is given the option to set an expiration time/date for the email ranging from hours to years. Currently, Add-ons only appear when users are viewing a message.

Given what has been reported about the changes, it sounds like Google is again hoping to update its web look with elements from its mobile operating system, such as a search bar with rounded corners.

Though not much details have been forthcoming from the company, observers link this move to the new design already unveiled in the Google Calendar app that saw new bright colors and modern icons and so on.