Gmail is getting a cleaner UI, snooze feature, smart replies, and more


Google has begun sending an email out to G Suite administrators alerting them that a redesign of Gmail is on the horizon. We'll keep an ear to the ground for more, but while we wait, head down to the comments section and let us know your thoughts about a Gmail redesign - does the service need one, or should Google leave things the way they are?

The "new Gmail experience" is referred to as a "new design for the Gmail web interface" in the email received by administrators.

The new version will offer support for "snoozing" your emails for a preset period of time, the same way you tell your alarm to shut up for nine minutes each morning. It's a similar feature to Inbox, Google's other email client. Gmail is likely to be the same; the new version will probably roll out to beta users in the next few weeks, it'll hit the mainstream as an option a month or two later, and within six months, all users will likely be forced to migrate.

The current incarnation of Gmail features separates your inbox into different categories, such as Social and Promotions.

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Google has yet to share screenshots of the new design. These replies can be curt, but are useful when you are in a rush and do not have time to type out a longer email.

If you use Gmail on your iPhone or Android phone, you may already be using smart replies.

The last tidbits are easier access to G Suite apps from within Gmail and offline support. As such, folks are advised to test their Chrome extensions before broadly enabling the updated Gmail. The redesign will launch first in G Suite's Early Adopter Program, eventually becoming available to those with a personal Gmail account as well.