Ex-bureaucrats write to PM, say this is our 'darkest hour'


We spoke then as we do now, as citizens who have no affiliations with any political party nor adherence to any political ideology other than the values enshrined in our Constitution. He ensured protection of your rights.

"Son of a poor mother like me hails from a very backward section of the society and could become prime minister due to Babasaheb Ambedkar", he said.

"I want to tell parents that their sons and daughters have chosen a path". They knew that their behaviour would be endorsed by the politically powerful and those who have made their careers by polarising Hindus and Muslims across a sectarian divide. None of them is local and they are not from among you. "They have come from outside (referring to Naxal leaders from other states who are active in Chhattisgarh)", he said. The footwear was presented under the Charan-Paduka (footwear) Scheme. "Would you leave your children behind such people?" It is government's duty to protect your rights. Smart cities, renewables, trade and investment and climate change will dominate discussions in Stockholm - sources said, Modi, has been particularly keen to build closer ties with the Nordic countries.

This will be followed by the launch of a new Ayurvedic Centre of Excellence, marked by an MoU between the All India Institute of Ayurveda and College of Medicine in the UK.

He said these primary healthcare centres will be developed as health and wellness centres by 2022.

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The NISAU UK expressed a sense of great distress and horror over these crimes of a heinous nature and urged Modi to make an announcement on the issue when he addresses the diaspora at the Bharat Ki Baat, Sabke Saath event in London on Wednesday, during which he will address questions from around the world in a live global telecast. It will run until 5 May.

They also called upon the prime minister to reach out to the families of the victims in Unnao and Kathua and "seek their forgiveness on behalf of all of us", fast-track the prosecution of the perpetrators in the Kathua case and set up a court directed Special Investigative Team in the Unnao incident. He said the NDA government will help in realising the dreams and aspirations of the people of Bastar.

"Even after 70 years of Independence, more than 100 districts have been left out of development". "These three months have passed".

"Kashmir dispute is a reality and use of force can not prevent the people of Kashmir struggling for the past 70 years".

He said the government was working with a different approach on the 115 backward districts, which are lebelled as "aspirational and ambitious districts".