Engler responds to Nassar victim's accusation


At a recent Michigan State board of trustees meeting, a Larry Nassar victim came forth and accused the school's interim President John Engler of attempting to get her to agree to a payoff in a meeting without her lawyers so she would drop her civil lawsuit against the school. One of his victims is now claiming that the president of Michigan State University, John Engler, attempted to sway her into settling the case out of court, for $250,000. You tried to make us feel like we were the problem and MSU was the victim because of the civil suits.

Thirty minutes later she found herself in a meeting with Engler, during which she claims he offered to pay her $250,000 to settle her suit.

"He explained all the new things they've implemented, which sounded promising, but said working together couldn't occur until all the civil suits are settled", she said.

According to Lorincz, Engler said to her, "Right now if I wrote you a check for $250,000 would you take it?" "When I explained that it's not about the money for me and that I just want to help, he said, 'Well give me a number'".

At the Board of Trustees meeting on Friday, Lorincz said she didn't realize that Viventi was Engler's lawyer until days later.

Engler's spokeswoman, Emily Guerrant, said she was in the room during the conversation and does not remember Engler verbalizing a dollar figure.

"Michigan State clearly looks at these women as the enemy, and if you have any doubt about that, I think we can all agree that President Engler just threatened a 4'8" little girl, saying, 'You better be careful, ' simply because she's using her voice", Manly told ThinkProgress on Friday.

Gymnast Kaylee Lorincz, standing with her coach, gives her victim impact statement during the seventh day of Larry Nassar's sentencing hearing on January 24, 2018, in Lansing, Michigan. "Only later did I find out she was your lawyer", Lorincz said during the public comment portion of the meeting. "Just as disgusting, this was a deliberate attack on my character and motivations, and created to make it appear that I had betrayed the very women I came forward to protect".

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After that meeting it was clear to me that nothing would change and that President Engler viewed meeting me as an opportunity to gain information, continuing to deflect and defend. Those included a revised chaperone policy for youth programs and efforts by MSU's Health Team to ensure patient safety at the university's health colleges and patient clinics.

Lyons said he had not yet discussed the matter with Engler.

Engler is also facing criticism for the school's response to a federal lawsuit against the university by a woman who says three former basketball players raped her.

"He turned away from me during the meeting and blocked me, and just was speaking to Kaylee".

Engler's statement drew boos and jeers from the crowd.

"We need a change in who's sitting in front of us", one man shouted in reference to Engler and the board. As Kiran Saini of WXYZreported, Lorincz felt "bullied into saying something" during a meeting on March 28. They told me he offered her $250,000 and asked if that would 'be enough.' When they kept telling him this wasn't about money and they weren't talking about money, he told them he'd met with me and I'd given him a number I wanted.

She continued: 'This how it works. "I have NEVER talked about money with anyone, not even my own attorney". "The people that need to step down need to step down".

She said Engler rolled his eyes, and said it was "only a slap on the butt".