Coli Outbreak Caused by Unknown Food Source


This Tuesday, the CDC came out with a report stating that the source of the E. Coli outbreak has not yet been discovered. The outbreak has sicked 17 people across seven states, including two people in CT.

In conclusion, E. Coli outbreak in the United States has reached OH, where, until now, only one confirmed case has been registered by the CDC. Thus far six people have been hospitalized, including at least one person who developed hemolytic uremic syndrome. Restaurants and retailers are not now advised to avoid serving or selling any particular food.

The six reported cases of people infected by the E. coli bacteria is just one part of a much larger investigation being conducted on the national level. Those infected began showing symptoms between March 22 and March 31.

After New Jersey, the second highest number of cases has been reported in Idaho with four.

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Out of the 17 new E. coli cases, 11 were found in women.

The suspected cause for the late 2017 outbreak was believed to be leafy greens. They should also track the foods they've eaten and restaurants they've eaten in the week prior to becoming ill. The FDA's Coordinated Outbreak Response and Evaluation network is working with federal, state, and local partners to determine what people ate before they became ill, where they bought it and consumed it, and to identify the distribution chain of these foods-all with the goal of identifying any common food or points in the distribution chain where the food might have become contaminated.

"Wash your hands every time you use the restroom or change diapers", she said "Wash your hands before and after preparing food and after contact with animals, cooking meats to proper temperatures, thoroughly washing all surfaces that touch raw meats, avoiding unpasteurized dairy products and avoid preparing foods or drink for other people when you yourself are sick".