China's March coal imports up 21% on year to 26.7 million mt


The urgency to build and fill sites after this year could get a fillip, the IEA said, from the growing rift between China and the United States - a newly important oil exporter whose President Donald Trump has angered China by threatening to impose billions of dollars in trade tariffs.

Last year, the United States sold $12.4 billion in soybeans to China-nearly 60 percent of all USA soybean exports.

During the first quarter, the levels of PM2.5 in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, which has been under heavy political pressure to tackle pollution, dropped 22.1 percent to 74 micrograms per cubic metre, down from near record highs in the same period of past year.

The decline in Chinese tourism to South Korea may have reached an inflection point last month, as Chinese arrivals rebounded after a year of geopolitical tension strained ties between Seoul and Beijing.

And while the U.S. military has remained focused on hemming in China's ambition in the South China Sea while maintaining readiness in the face of North Korea's nuclear threat, Trump's burgeoning worldwide trade disagreements differ sharply with China's economic approach.

A Chinese base under construction on Mabini (Johnson) Reef, one of the disputed Spratly Islands in the South China Sea. For more than two decades, Beijing has watched corporate America make the case for trade with China and one American president after another embrace that agenda.

"Trump has given more ability to the Pentagon to challenge China in the South China Sea, but in economic terms he has completely reversed the roles of the United States and China", said Heydarian.

Recent US deployments of aircraft carriers and destroyers to affirm what Washington calls a right to freedom of navigation in the South China Sea have generated concern in China and other countries in the region.

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Washington says China's $375 billion trade surplus with the United States is unacceptable, and has demanded Beijing reduce it by $100 billion immediately.

"We believe export growth will slow due to yuan appreciation and rising trade tensions".

During the period, Việt Nam imported $14.3 billion worth of goods from China, up 14 per cent year-on-year with major items including phones and components, machinery and equipment as well as electronics and parts. More than half of the vessels were commissioned in the five years since Xi came to power, Xinhua said.

Industry sources attributed the dramatic growth from China to its changed policy towards Nepal after the formation of the left alliance government.

However, for March the surplus fell to $15.4 billion from February's $21 billion, while it was also down from $17.7 billion 12 months ago.

Further to that strategy, it has been learned that The Trump Administration is working on a program, which could cost billions of dollars, to compensate farmers suffering from Chinese retaliatory tariffs on U.S. crops.

Nevertheless, the news from Beijing was good this week.