Catalan separatists march, demand release of jailed leaders


It is reported that this morning, on city streets left more than 15 thousand people with playtime "Freedom for political prisoners". "But we will continue to protest peacefully".

Over 300,000 people marched in Barcelona demanding the release of Catalan political leaders, reports Deutsche Welle.

The rally is held six months after the detention of the leaders of Catalan National Assembly (ANC) and Omnium Cultural organizations.

The movements at the wealthy region has plunged Spain in years.

The protest was backed by the Catalan branches of Spain's two largest trade unions, the CCOO and the UGT, sparking unease among union members who oppose independence.

"The majority of Catalans, no matter the position, agree jail is not justified", " even said a marriage leader, " Camil Ros.

"But it is not a separatist protest".

The Catalan sections of CC.OO. and UGT defended their attendance to the mobilization, after considering that the serious dispute in the rich autonomous community of 7.5 million inhabitants must be resolved through dialogue and politics and not in the courts.

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Many protesters chanted "Puigdemont, president!" Spanish and German prosecutors met last week at the headquarters of Eurojust in The Hague.

Separatist lawmakers defied court orders and held an ad-hoc referendum on independence in October.

"What makes me sad is the accusation of violence, which never existed", Sanchez said in December on Twitter.

Alex de Ferrer, a 50-year-old IT specialist, said he'planned to take part in the protest because jailing separatist leaders "only serves to manufacture separatists".

Spain's central government imposed direct rule on Catalonia following its unilateral declaration of independence in October.

Fresh regional elections will be triggered if a new leader is not elected by May 22.

"Internally, political tensions in Catalonia could generate episodes of lack of confidence", Linde said in a speech before the Spanish parliament.