Bill Cosby's lawyers call accuser a "con artist" during closing arguments


"This was no mistake", Feden proclaimed Tuesday of the accused assault. She will absolutely say anything. "We do have to deal with sexual assault".

After court adjourned, Cosby's spokesman asserted that the entertainer takes the proceedings seriously and was merely smiling while talking with one of his attorneys.

A key element of the case has been whether Pennsylvania's 12-year statute of limitations had expired before prosecutors brought charges against Cosby on December 30, 2015.

In the prosecution's closing, Feden said Cosby is the person who gained the trust of women and betrayed that trust, pointing him out to the jury multiple times.

Tom Mesereau, Cosby's lead attorney, repeatedly emphasized what he said were discrepancies in Constand's testimony.

The Associated Press does not typically identify people who say they are victims of sexual assault unless they grant permission, which Constand has done.

That was the testimony from a pilot, who has expertise reviewing flight records and whom Cosby's defence team had tapped to bolster their case before they rested their case on Monday. But Bliss sought to disentangle the Cosby case from the cultural moment. Constand was there to see the prosecution closing statement.

"It's finally time for the defendant to dine on the banquet of his own consequences", prosecutor Stewart Ryan told jurors in a passionate closing argument that stretched more than three hours and was delivered by two prosecutors. "She's a pathological liar".

The blistering remarks by Bliss reached such a level of intensity that some in the audience gasped in astonishment. "I bet there isn't a single one of you here who hasn't felt the pain of being lesser or being made to feel lesser than your male counterparts", she said. She then lost control of her body and he began to prey on her, she said. "Is Miss Dickinson really the moral beacon that the women's movement wants?" Heidi Thomas, the first accuser to testify, was "a lovely woman, Ms. Littleton".

She called Cosby the true con artist - wresting that label from Cosby's lawyers, who had applied it to Constand throughout the two-week trial. They highlighted more than a dozen inconsistencies in what Constand has said over the years about her relationship with Cosby and her allegations that he drugged and molested her at his suburban Philadelphia home.

Cosby faces three counts of aggravated indecent assault, each carrying up to 10 years in prison. Constand was the women's basketball team manager at Cosby's alma mater, Temple University.

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Closing arguments are set for Wednesday. Feden accused Bliss of "character assassination" because of the piercing cross-examination of women who took the stand to testify against Cosby.

"This is his con, and he's laughing like it's amusing, but there's nothing amusing about stripping a woman of her decency", Feden said.

Bliss seemed conscious of the potential for jurors to look askance at her aggressive questioning of witnesses, telling jurors that "questioning an accuser is not shaming an accuser". "They know they have judicial immunity, so they can say these things whether or not there's a basis in fact". "Because that's what our country is full of at the moment".

The defense urged jurors to acquit, saying the charges were based on "flimsy, silly, ridiculous evidence".

Assistant District Attorney Kristen Feden yelled at Bill Cosby during her closing argument, as she scolded him for apparently laughing.

"Your common sense tells you that", Bliss said. Bliss was just as harsh in tearing down the schoolteacher, Lise-Lotte Lublin, as she was the reality TV star and former model Janice Dickinson. "He didn't get it", the lawyer said.

Bliss also acknowledged that sexual assault is "a worldwide problem", but cautioned the jury to consider Cosby's case individually.

Prosecutors had no concrete rebuttal to the records only suggesting that Cosby, who has been legally blind since early 2003, could have driven himself or taking a train to Pennsylvania.

They chuckled for a moment, exchanging a few words.

Throughout the defense argument Tuesday, Cosby's wife, Camille, sat in the gallery's front row, her eyes shielded behind a pair of chunky sunglasses.