Become Human Showcases Alexa in Demo Teaser


The demo consists of the first scene in the game, Hostage, which you will have seen before in previous showings of David Cage's latest.

Become Human has officially gone gold, as studio Quantic Dream has formally announced over at the PlayStation Blog today.

PlayStation has announced that their most "most ambitious project yet", Detroit: Become Human, will be launching a demo tomorrow in anticipation for the game's May 25th release. "Yours to play, to own, to hopefully cherish", Fondaumiere wrote.

"We are also extremely grateful to our fans around the world".

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We don't think Alexa is about to start offloading its feelings when you come home after a long day, but it is the first step towards fully-fledged androids, and a good example of how they might know more than you already.

Despite the early controversy with the title, Detroit: Become Human seems to explore dark topics that are ever pertinent to the world we live in. As you take on the role of Connor, a hostage negotiator android sent to take control of this high-stakes situation, the CyberLife Skill will help guide you in your decision making throughout the investigation process, while giving you a deeper look at the various characters involved within the Hostage demo. The insights acquired from the CyberLife skill will also help inform the user's decisions within the demo as each decision made can lead to a different ending. For example: "Alexa, ask CyberLife to tell me about the fish?"

Maybe the full launch of the demo was planned for the official store update that usually happens tomorrow at the same time for North American and Europe. For example: "Alexa, ask CyberLife why Connor failed to reach Daniel in time?".