Barry Lewis: Facebook and the illusion of privacy


"Facebook makes a lot of advertising money off this", Wozniak said. The lack of vigilance over security and privacy has imperiled that success, he said. "They just got caught", said Eric Cole, chief executive of Secure Anchor Consulting, a cybersecurity consulting firm in Ashburn, Virginia that serves enterprise companies.

Pivotal Research Group analyst Brian Wieser predicted scrutiny on Facebook will intensify. Considering there were questions about how Facebook could sustain its business model without user payment, we can safely say that numerous committee members did not do their homework.

The companies will have to notify users of a data break-in within 72 hours of its discovery.

It also protects the right of citizens to be forgotten and allows individuals to request a copy of the personal information any company keeps on them, find out what data is being processed, and ask for explanation of how it is being used.

Facebook isn't the only company that uses data in "creative" ways but what this last month or so highlights is that consent is a major issue.

The Senators and Representatives themselves seemed to have limited ideas either as to how to regulate Facebook specifically and data privacy more generally.

The Verge that Facebook has taken out full-page advertisements in multiple newspapers to apologize for their latest data scandal related to data analysis firm Cambridge Analytica.

In 2014, about 300,000 Facebook users downloaded a personality quiz app, This Is Your Digital Life.

During the public skewering, Zuckerberg admitted Facebook had failed to protect the data and privacy of 87 million users, including his own account. Facebook doesn't sell your data. He was interrogated about foreign-bought ads during the presidential election.

Posters depicting Cambridge Analytica's CEO Alexander Nix behind bars at the entrance of the company's London offices
Image Posters depicting Mr Nix behind bars at the entrance of the company's London offices

"Senator, no, I would probably not choose to do that publicly here", Zuckerberg replied.

The company said it would review all legitimate reports and respond as quickly as possible when a credible threat to user data is identified. That included everything folks had on their Facebook pages, possibly including private direct messages between users. This will also likely lead to a reduction in fake news and other information that has been challenging for people to deal with. She shared his vision for making the world "more open and connected". Facebook was struggling to come up with a sustainable business model. Graham cut that line of answering short by pressing his line of questioning to urge Zuckerberg to list a single competitor when it comes to its main service.

That means if Facebook were to establish a subscription service, there would be a two-tiered system where some pay for privacy and others pay with their data. Will this time be different?

The company reiterated that it's committed to launching this program as part of its efforts to effectively uncover potential abuse of people's information. In addition to building an advertising strategy and a sales organization, Sandberg instilled corporate discipline, putting in place business processes and a more traditional hierarchy. From there, Facebook prompts the user to begin gathering the archived information, which will be sent to an email associated with the Facebook account.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg testifies before a House Energy and Commerce Committee hearing regarding the company's use and protection of user data on Capitol Hill in Washington, U.S., April 11, 2018.

Is that something Facebook can offer?

Facebook makes almost all its revenue and profit from advertising and has a market value of $478 billion, the sixth-largest in the S&P 500. Facebook brags to advertisers that it can provide "cross device" targeting, as it is called.

On Wall Street and Madison Avenue, Sandberg has become famous for rattling off case studies of advertisers, large and small, conducting successful marketing campaigns on Facebook. To the extent that Facebook is only a platform, it can be easily replaced by others. Cambridge Analytica is a United Kingdom based political consultancy hired by the 2016 Trump campaign.

It was the longest and most watched public apology in recent times.

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