Apple reportedly planning paid news subscription service


Apple notoriously likes to control news about itself, as part of maintaining its public image.

Now according to a report from Bloomberg, Apple is looking to leverage their latest acquisition by integrating it into Apple News.

Bloomberg says Apple is now integrating the technology and employees behind Texture into its own News app and team to develop the service. Some analysts in the past have suggested that Apple should look into getting into a more subscription-like business model, and this certainly sounds like what Apple could be doing. The service is said to be intended for launch within a year, placing the launch somewhere between the annual SXSW and WWDC events, if not sooner.

A new, simplified subscription service covering multiple publications could spur Apple News usage and generate new revenue in a similar manner to the $9.99 per month Apple Music offering. Services revenue grew 23% to $30B in FY17, but execs have a goal of $50B by 2021.

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Apple's ambitions for Texture, the "Netflix of magazines" app that it acquired last month, are slowly coming into the light. If anything, Apple Music showed how important free trials can be.

Currently, Apple sells subscriptions for iCloud storage and Apple Music. Texture had about 100 staff. Would Apple kick them out of the subscription program, if news became unfavorable? Sales from that segment grew 23 percent to $30 billion in the company's 2017 fiscal year.

While not all magazine publishers are focused on "news", those who do cover tech and Apple specifically, could become uncomfortable with also relying on Apple for subscription revenues.

Currently, there are no details about which news organizations Apple would partner with for the subscription service.