Air China flight forced to land for 'security' reason


The statement further reveals that the flight crew and passengers all were unharmed.

According to the Police, the man was identified as Xu (41), was taken into custody and is reportedly has a history of mental illness.

Flight CA1350 from Changsha, Hunan province, landed at Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport in Henan province, the Civil Aviation Administration said in a statement on its website.

In a statement, the Civil Aviation Authority of China said that the plane was diverted after a passenger held a flight attendant hostage.

However, due to the an unspecified "illegal interference", as authorities described it, the Flight 1350 had to be diverted to Zhengzhou city.

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Nobody was hurt in the incident and another plane was sent so the passengers could resume their journey.

Air China said in the post that the plane made the unplanned landing owing to public safety concerns and that the police and civil aviation authorities were taking care of the situation.

A passenger, who witnessed the alleged incident, told The Xiaoxiang Morning Herald the "disturbance" unfolded in either the first or business class cabins, however, no one from the economy class could see anything because the curtains separating the sections were closed.

She looked out the window and saw many police cars, ambulances and fire engines parked outside the plane as it was landing in Zhengzhou, the newspaper said on Weibo. The passenger described seeing armed personnel in camouflage uniforms assembled in two or three rows.