WWE star Jeff Hardy arrested for DWI in NC


News broke overnight that WWE Superstar Jeff Hardy was arrested on Saturday, March 10 in Concord, North Carolina, for DWI, or driving while impaired - which, while sounding like DUI, or driving under the influence, isn't exactly the same thing.

It is not known whether Hardy was hurt in the crash, but he was released from jail not long after being charged and does not appear to have been sent to hospital.

The report said Hardy, "ran off the roadway. striking about 105 feet of guardrail before the back end of the auto spun out 90 degrees. coming to rest in the middle of the right [north] bound lane of travel". Hardy caused approximately $8,000 of damage to his auto and $5,000 of damage to the guardrail.

The WWE tag-team stalwart reportedly crashed into a guardrail before spinning out on the Concord Parkway.

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Hardy is now shelved with a shoulder injury, but was recently cleared to return to the ring.

WWE did not comment on the arrest or if this situation would delay his return to TV.

WWE filmed The Ultimate Deletion with brother Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt at the Hardy Compound last week.

Hardy has been dealing with a torn rotator cuff that has kept him away from in-ring action since September 2017. The Hardy's are no stranger to substance abuse or run-ins with the law so they may have a different incident protocol than the rest of us, but this sounds like Matt may be more excited about his sobriety than he is concerned about Jeff. In 2008, he won the WWE's World Heavyweight Championship twice and the TNA World Heavyweight Championship three times.