Where to get deals for National Pi Day


It has been picked up by pie bakers and pizza chains as an excuse for promotions.

Pi Day is Wednesday, marking the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter, or 3.14. If mathematics are not your thing, don't worry, plenty of restaurants will offer discounts in honor of the day.

There are plenty of places to get some cheap pie in the Seattle area on Pi day, celebrated predictably on March 14.

Hungry Howie's: Buy regular priced Howie's bread and get a medium one topping pizza for $3.14.

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How about a couple of slices of Pagliacci Pizza, where, in addition to their annual offer of two slices for $3.14, they've added the option of buying one whole pie for the regular price and getting the second for $3.14. The coupon is only valid on Wednesday.

Giordano's: Get $3.14 off any online order with code PIDAY314. The 3.14-mile run or walk will start at 6:28 p.m. from each participating location, with maps available at packet pickup. Cicis, is located at 3044 Richmond Road and is open from 11 a.m. until 10 p.m. on Wednesdays.

Lucky's Market Sarasota: Get a slice of pie and a scoop of ice cream for $2. The chain's apple hand pie will also be available for $3.14, plus it is hosting a giveaway where three classrooms in Chicago will receive free Nutella hand pies. The most popular way of celebrating is to eat pie or pi-themed food (43 percent); post about it on social media (15 percent); and jog or walk 3.14 miles (15 percent). Find the closest one to you.

Whole Foods: Take $3.14 off any of their large bakery pies. During the event, the restaurant will serve $3.14 pizzas at its 55 locations across 17 US states. Luckily there are many other places to get your pizza fix near campus today. It's used in geometry, architecture, construction and many other disciplines. Customers just have to present their coupon to claim their free slice, though, the participation of locations may vary, said the Marie Callender's website.