Trump Can't Even Beat an Unnamed Democratic Candidate in 2020 Election Poll


To field a fall candidate, the GOP probably needs one more of its hopefuls to drop out, the survivor presumably netting virtually all Republican votes and possibly pulling more now undecided voters than any Democrat.

California's top-two primary system is living up to its "jungle primary" nickname more than this spring than ever, with dozens of candidates vying in both statewide and district races across the state for rare, elusive spots on the November general election ballot.

But Republicans now show signs of smartening up to one basic law of the jungle primary - when too many candidates from one party run, they can splinter their supporters' vote so much that none of them makes the runoff. Even Attorney General Ken Paxton, who has been indicted on felony securities fraud charges, remains favored for re-election.

While segments of media seem infatuated with O'Rourke, the congressman earned 641,324 votes statewide in the Democrat primary Tuesday against two opponents. But none of those open seats are expected to flip.

"There are a few battleground house districts, such as Will Hurd's stretch, which is El Paso to San Antonio".

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"He won all of the races he was obviously playing in". George P. Bush, the Texas land commissioner, won a contested primary after he cozied up to a president who once called his dad, Jeb, a pathetic person. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee published opposition research on congressional candidate Laura Moser, highlighting that she wrote she wouldn't want to live in Paris, Texas, again. Strategists will be watching if she advances to a runoff despite attacks from fellow Democrats. Those results had a higher margin of error but showed Democratic enthusiasm in congressional districts held by Republicans. O'Rourke said. "Or is it the guy who ran for president for four years and literally left the state of Texas to visit each of the 99 counties of Iowa instead of being in (Texas)?" "These demographic shifts are a positive trend line for a big-tent progressive political party".

"Voter turnout has been historically lethargic and low and so that has to be a trend that reverses", said UTEP Professor Dr. Charles Boehmer, who believes rural counties will undoubtedly be solidly Republican and vote for Cruz. We know, for example, that Florida governor Rick Scott is going to spend an obscene amount of money in his likely race against Bill Nelson.

"Fourteen Run for Something candidates competed in Tuesday's Texas primaries and as of midnight, at least nine of those unbelievable folks will be moving on to the runoffs or the general election in November", an e-mail reported.

Democratic turnout for Texas' primary Senate race exceeded 1,036,950 voters, which was higher than any nonpresidential year primary in 24 years. Neither Mr. White nor Mr. Valdez may win a majority of Tuesday's votes, though. The Democratic gubernatorial primary appears a bit more competitive.