This Is Us Season 2 Finale Song


"There's not much I can say, but I can say that I think it's going to be uplifting and the tears are probably going to be happy tears more than heartbreak", Zeile told the Daily News.

Once again, This Is Us pulled off the impossible and delivered a season finale everyone will be talking about.

The "what if?" aspect, however, was driven home by the understated flashbacks, as Kate reflected on quiet moments with her father, who spoke about her eventual marriage and being there to walk her down the aisle.

This Is Us has replaced "How did Jack die?" with "Who is "her"?" for its new big mystery. She adds that she's been holding onto Jack for so long, but she needs to make room for Toby.

On Tuesday's sophomore finale, Kate and Toby said their "I do's" at the Pearson family cabin and we saw what life would have been like had Jack still been alive in the present day.

In season two, okay went out the window. Kevin is traveling to Vietnam with Zoey as his new girlfriend, Kate is taking care of an ill Toby, and Tess isn't ready to visit a mysterious "her" with Randall.

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The episode ended with the glimpse into the future, which we're recapping below. If something very bad had happened to her, there's no way he'd be composed enough to go sit at Tess' desk at work. During the drama's big Super Bowl episode, some sharp-eyed viewers noted that Future Randall was not wearing a wedding ring during a flash-forward that showed Tess at work as a social worker-and that Beth was nowhere to be found in that scene.

In the finale, Beth and Randall play a game of "worst case scenario" and there's one conversation they share that may be a serious case of foreshadowing. During Randall's toast, "The Wedding" teases next season with a time jump focusing on a year later.

Things are looking up for Kevin (Justin Hartley). Zoey explains to Deja how her own mother left her when she was 8 years old, and she lived with Beth and her family. And since then, she's been happy, and she and Beth are like sisters. That's partly because Kevin spent most of the non-exhaling portion of it talking about his recovery from addiction, but also because the moment seemed created to serve a larger objective: to signal to the This Is Us audience that this period of the series, which has been so focused on continuing to grapple with the impact of Jack Pearson's death, is about to embark on a new chapter.

After nearly a full week of wild speculation about what on Earth is going on with "Old Jack" in the This Is Us finale, we got our answer within the first minute of the episode.

Kevin Pearson [Justin Hartley] was also shown dating Beth's cousin Zoe and they were both flying to Vietnam. However, the more I think about that, the more I wonder why Beth wouldn't accompany Randall to Tess' office so they can go see her. "I feel like the moment she heard her mom say to the judge that she wanted to terminate all parental rights, something switched in her", Beth tells Randall earlier tonight regarding Deja's massive mood swing. So before we toast Toby and Kate, before we clink our glasses, I think that the four of us should release that breath together. For the most part, that change was for the better because, while This Is Us can't be accused of trafficking in realism, it was a little more real in the way it handled issues such as racism, pregnancy, and the process of fostering a child. Here are a few storylines you can expect to see.

Older Kate tells the urn, "You remember when the carnival would come to town every summer with those old roller coasters?" Though the show made its name partially on the Modern Family-esque twist at the end of its pilot episode, at this point, we don't need a vague flash-forward to a catatonic Toby to know that his and Kate's happiness is fragile.